Why Companies Need Address Verification Software

Address 먹튀사이트 software allows companies to verify incorrect addresses before they send out bulk mailings and important pieces of information through the postal service. When it’s important that a piece of mail reaches the right person in the right place, one element to start with is address cleansing software. While it is easier to assume that all of the information is correct, in reality, there may be mistakes in street name, city and town spellings; abbreviations for states, provinces or countries; and zip codes may have incorrect or inadequate digits. There are many reasons that companies have the wrong address listed, many of which can be remedied before items are sent out in the mail.

Zip Code
The source of mailing address information may be old, and the zip code may have changed. Over time, the populations of many areas grow. As there are more people, there are more addresses. The postal service may need to add another zip code to lessen the volume burden and delivery difficulties in certain areas associated with the growing number of people and addresses to service. There are a number of reasons that address verification software is necessary before sending out important or bulk mailings.

Poor Handwriting
One reason for incorrect address information is often human error originating at the source. For example, addresses for mailing lists may be taken from handwritten lists captured through registration forms or information cards. Data entry personnel reading the words and numbers may have difficulty deciphering what they say due to poor penmanship or unfamiliarity with the street or city names. As a result, when they enter the typewritten information in the database, it may be misspelled or contain typographical errors.

Deciphering Difficulties
Some companies use optical character recognition (OCR) software to transfer handwritten address lists into electronic ones. At times, even the most sophisticated software cannot translate some handwritten words and letters. This may result in non-readable addresses which must be deciphered and corrected before they can be used for mailing purposes. This often requires extrapolating information or simply guessing in order to achieve a usable address. Address verification software can help to speed up the process and narrow down the correct information.

Typographical Errors
Mailing addresses and information added to a list may be misspelled or contain typographical errors. The people entering the data may not know how to properly spell a street name, city or state. As a result, they will likely guess and guess wrong. It may also be a simple case of hitting the wrong key or skipping a line. When it comes to foreign languages, the reader or translating service may make mistakes. All of these issues may result in the same outcome: incorrect addresses on mailing lists and correspondence. Items will be returned to the company or simply never reach their intended destinations.

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