Game Changing SEO Trends of 2018

It is 2018 and you may be wondering what is it that would affect your search engine rankings in a significant manner this year. Well, we would now attempt to explain the leading shifts and trends that are expected to happen in the domain of seo просування (search engine optimization) in this year.

Voice search is being said to be the next big thing in SEO. There may be experts who may not be entirely convinced with such a statement but even they would not deny the fact that voice search is becoming popular and insanely so. There are some facts that need to be taken into account in this context.

40 percent of adults around the world conduct at least one voice search each day. From 2008 Google has seen a 3500 percent increase in its voice search volume. 20 percent of all searches on mobile devices are voice searches. This is the reason why if you are smart as an SEO person you would start to optimize your content keeping this future trend in mind.

During 2017 Google declared that it would be switching over to a mobile-first index. In layman’s terms, this would mean that from now on Google would regard the mobile version of your site to be the actual or real version of your site. In fact, this will be applicable even if people search from a desktop. This is a sensible move in the sense that right now more than 60 percent of the users of Google are from mobile devices. One expects that it would only grow in the days to come. It is true that the index is yet to come online but it could arrive any day. This is why it is better to be prepared for the same.

It was in 2017 that Google proclaimed that RankBrain was going to be its 3rd major factor as far as ranking was concerned. In fact, ever since it was introduced RankBrain became the 3rd most significant signal that contributes to the outcome of a query that is searched. With Google refining its algorithm RankBrain is expected to be even more significant in 2018. Now, you may be asking what RankBrain is and how are the ways in which you would be able to optimize the same. Well, RankBrain is a machine learning system that is supposed to help Google sort out the various search results. It basically measures how users are interacting with the search results and then it ranks them in accordance with those measurements.

As far as SEO right now is concerned featured snippets are a hot topic. With every passing day, we see the number of such snippets appearing in various search queries to be only growing. The main reason for this is the fact that Google is always trying to provide its user’s answers within a really short span of time. Recently Ahrefs has come up with a study whereby it has become clear a lot more people are using these snippets and they are fast accounting for a much bigger slice of the click share. In fact, it has been seen that when a search query has featured snippets the click-through rate (CTR) for the top organic result for that particular search query falls below 20 percent. When there is no such snippet the CTR goes up to 26 percent.

It is estimated that around 51 percent of the inbound website traffic that your website gets is from organic search. This is the reason why it is important that you stay aware of the latest developments in this regard. Google Quick Answers is basically a highly visible text snippet answers and link that is featured right there on the top portion of Google SERPs.

It is being said that they can give your organic traffic a significant boost, to put it mildly. Quick Answers feature in around 40 percent for certain kinds of queries. If your page has a Quick Answer box and ranked result it would do much better than one that just has a high ranking result. The click-through traffic that originates by way of Quick Answers can create greater conversions and revenue on your site. If your site has not made it to the top of the SERP Quick Answers can help you get a lot of traffic.

Ever since SEO came into being backlinks have continued to be the main bread earner for SEO professionals. However, when Google saw that people had started to abuse this process in order to build up the authority quotient of one’s site it came up with the algorithm named Penguin in 2012 in order to fix matters. Ever since sites have had no option but to get inbound links from sources that were reputable. It is true that you would get some search juice from such sources Google’s search robots are slowly evolving and this means that backlinks are slowly becoming less important.

Now the source of links is not important anymore. Just having a link on your site would not get you where you want to go to. Search engines are now able to establish a connection between the mentions of entities like brands, organizations, institutions, and individuals sans the need of being linked to a corresponding webpage. Links are still expected to be somewhat significant but the content around that hyperlinked text would be important as well.

Technical SEO is like the engine that would make sure that your carriage – the on-page content in this case – is drawing commuters. If it is not in good shape your site would not have the intended effect. The best time when you should be considering technical SEO is when the website is being built – if you are unable to do that it would mean that later on, you would have to undertake SEO audits in order to find problems and fix them. You can be sure that it would take up a long time indeed. There is no certainty as to how long it would take and how difficult it would be.

It was on October 26, 2015, that Google came out with an algorithm update named RainBrain. In a recent interview, Google has also said that its RainBrain AI (artificial intelligence) system happens to be the third most important factor as far as its ranking algorithm is concerned. It is just as important to links and content. RainBrain is being used by Hummingbird, the premier search algorithm of Google, to process search results from billions of pages on its database and then come out with the most applicable information for a specific query.

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