Superheroes are no longer entertaining Сиалис цена

Watching the trailer of ­She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, one would be absolutely willing to believe everything they were getting to Сиалис цена. Perhaps an over glorified sensual scene between two lovers, some great special effects, or less focus on the fan service than on simply a sequel to 2008’s Incredible Hulk. Marvel’s cinematic universe trailers have that unprecedented way of finding some common ground with every other person on the planet, showing you something they are sure you really want to see, and then, as the radical Marvel book instates, they must hype themselves up during the wait to pour every bit of attention into something as they can.

Before getting into this, the story one individual, who has chosen to remain anonymous, had with superheroes according to their testimony didn’t technically have to begin with Disney+. Their first encounter was in very early 2019 and the film Captain America: The First Avenger. When they began viewing the very first frames of this incredible story, they were completely unacquainted with the comic book lore surrounding virtually any superhero. In their eyes the only difference between Superman and other superheroes was that Superman was created first and was ‘more popular’, and the reasons Spider-Man and Batman didn’t have any powers was the reason they were unique to begin with.

So, they naturally were surprised when the superhero action they were expecting didn’t start happening until about the third quarter of the 2-hour WWII film. Instead of a superhuman hero who flew and who had cool abilities, he was basically an enhanced human being who flung a shield like a Frisbee disk, and who fought a tyrannical Palpatine-style hothead known as the Red Skull. It wasn’t about power, or even much action. It was about sentimentality, humility, and courage.

They liked the film. They would love it even more when they realized why the MCU of all franchises seemed to garner more attention than any other, and that was because of it’s incredible shared world aesthetic. Putting Iron Man and Captain America together was the equivalent of putting John Wick and James Bond in the same universe, along with per se Gandalf the Grey; it in a nutshell was doing something so many other companies seemed incapable of having the potential to do. Thanks to the endless amounts of heroes the MCU garnered, more and more began pouring into the following films.

After Endgame, however, this individual decided to start looking through comics for more and more potential predictions on how the world of Marvel would keep working. As it turns out, most of the characters in the comic world were far different than the golden-standardized heroes they imagined. Wanda seemed to this person like just a lost girl who needed a hug; her destiny, all too proved in Doctor Strange’s 2022 sequel, was that of a wicked witch who could cartoon-bend reality in the least attractive of manners. Characters like Hulk were downsized and no longer their iconic, heroic alter ego; Spider-Man, who at one point had been the favorite hero of this big brass band, was now taking other versions of Spider-Men like the old favorites Tobey Maguire and turning them into his team members, for no other reason than he somehow has more experience as a Spider-Man than the other two combined, after they fought universe-sized villains like Sandman or Electro.

What disappointed this person the most was the fact that Marvel’s heroes were all-prick, no-perk. The prick of it was that the most irritating features of Marvel’s comics were being inserted into the movies and shows, while the perks – by their words, sexual intimacy and actually exciting fight scenes – seemed to exist less and less. Superheroes to this person had previously been light and humor, not in the lazy, childish sense the MCU introduced, but the noble, right-doing yet humble and caring people you could easily see in a church pastor. It had appeared at first that the extremes for this universe was serious nobility and sacrifice, or simply fun-loving, eye-pleasing entertainment.

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