New Alternative Energy – Biofuel, Biodiesel and Green Oil

We are using more fossil fuel oil than we are Iget Vape. Though experts disagree about the time scale, most agree that the rate at which we are consuming traditional oil is now greater than the rate at which new reserves are being found, we have already entered the depletion phase and are on a downhill slope of terminal decline. In short, crude oil is running out. We need to invest in a continuous environmentally alternative energy supply.

Are alternative to crude oil are “green oils” that can be turned into biofuel or biodiesel. Thanks to the Gulf of Mexico fiasco, many people are totally reconsidering the use of fossil fuels for energy and are opting for a cleaner, less harmful alternative energy fuel like Jatropha or Millettia biofuels or biodiesel but what are they?

Jatropha and Millettia are two examples of hardy plants that can grow in harsh arid conditions, needing very little water and care. Biofuel and or biodiesel from Jatropha or Millettia is formed by simply crushing the seeds of the plant and extracting the oil. The waste is biodegradable and can be used for farming and in some cases animal feed. The produce is a green oil biofuel/biodiesel, a sustainable alternative energy that helps the environment.

They are safer in production and extraction compared to fossil fuels which produce pollution and harmful emissions. In fact, both Millettia and Jatropha produce more oxygen and (obviously) biodegradable material, this can be recycled as fertilizer and medicinal purposes. Jatropha or Millettia are not an edible crops (by humans) so we are not pushing the price of corn up to produce a biofuel. They can grow in very harsh conditions, this means they are not taking up arable farmland.

Unlike fossil fuels both plants have a good life span which means they produce seed pods every year (from about 3-4 years old) they are a renewable source of alternative energy which means that they can continually produce more alternative energy instead of running out like an oil field. Both the Jatropha and the Millettia plant take about 3-4 years until they produce a significant amount of seeds to turn into “green oil”. Once the plants are established however, it can live up to 20 years or more.

No machines are needed to take care of the plants or to harvest; just a small green oil extraction machine that can be hooked up to photovoltaic panels. A lot of the harvesting is manual labour which employs people, creating jobs. This means a much more environmentally friendly low carbon emission for production.

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