Using Radio Successfully in Political Elections

Each morning most who are likely to vote in this election will listen to a radio station. It may be for a moment as the radio alarm signals it is time to rise. It may be on the drive to work,Using Radio Successfully in Political Elections Articles it may be in the shower, but realize a radio is involved in the daily life of the voting population.Would you purchase yard signs and place them in the back yards of your supporters?

I often wonder why candidates would purchase ten commercials the day before Election Day and allow them to air in such a manner, that few hear the message. Having spent over twenty years in the radio and political industry, I have seen it all. I am often asked how much radio should be budgeted in a campaign. Here is the short answer.

Purchase enough commercial units to make an impact. A few radio commercials here and there are a total waste of money. You would better serve yourself buying a bigger cake for the victory party. Radio is not a vehicle to use as an after thought. Radio is very effective. Ask your likely voters when they last listened to radio. I will be surprised if the answer is anything other than “Today”.

A big misnomer is that overnight commercials are not effective. In most areas, over twenty-five percent of the population is at work on the third shift. Radio stations will often sell these midnight to 6:00 AM time periods for a few dollars. You want to purchase the entire day when you make your radio buy. Another reason for purchasing overnight commercials is insomnia. In most markets that offer talk radio, you will want to purchase this station. Many insomniacs listen to talk radio. The Arbitron© surveys do not adequately calculate these hours of the day. You want the third shift to hear your commercials. Buy one station properly, rather than a few stations inadequately.

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