Travel destination Dwarka

You can fly down through cheap flights india to Jamnagar and from there complete the rest of the rest of the journey by tourist cab Jamnagar is about 145 Kms from Dwarka. Or you can go by train up to Dwarka itself which is on the network of the Indian Western Railway. If you are coming from outside Gujarat,Travel destination Dwarka Articles you can travel to Ahmadabad, Jamnagar or Rajkot and from there take connecting trains to Dwarka.The Gujarat State Transport also runs buses connecting Dwarka with Ahmadabad, Jamnagar, Rajkot and other important towns in Gujarat.

Dwarka is a small town in itself, but the other tourist and pilgrimage attractions like Bet Dwarka are a few kms away. So hiring a tourist cab to take you around is a good idea for hassle free transportation.The Dwarkadhish temple is the major attraction. It is an imposing temple towering over five stories in height. Built with gray sandstone, its roof is full of intricate carvings. Inside it is a labyrinth of passages that lead to the sanctum. At night the temple roof is floodlit and is a sight to reckon with. There are other temples located around Dwarka, apart from the Dwarkadhish temple.

The other major attraction is Bet Dwarka, located a few kms away from Dwarka. To reach Bet Dwarka itself you have to drive down from Dwarka and then take a ferry to take you to the island where the ruins of Bet Dwarka are to be found. It is said that a Tsunami in around 1500 B.C.E. submerged the coastal area of Western India Tours.

The original Dwarka which was on the shore was submerged. Today there are undersea explorations in progress around Bet Dwarka. The runs at Bet Dwarka are unique as they represent architecture that is more than three thousand years old. Take a guide with you when you explore Bet Dwarka.

The Best Season to visit Dwarka

Schedule your Dwarka Yatra to coincide with the winter from November to March, as during the summers from April to October it is quite hot and humid. There is a break during the wet months of July-August, but the gusty winds and lashing rains in this coastal belt would not make for a convenient time to visit during this season.

Where to stay in Dwarka

Due to the pilgrim and tourist traffic quite a few decent hotels have sprung up in Dwarka they include Some Nice India Hotels. There are other options in the form of the Tourist Bungalows.

What to eat in Dwarka

Eateries abound in Dwarka, and especially in the evenings, after darshan (paying obeisance to the Lord) as the pilgrims flock out of the temple, there are many representatives of the restaurants offering to escort you to the restaurants. Except for the restaurants in the major hotels, the eateries in the town are simple but offer good hot sumptuous Indian Gujarati Thalis. Water though is a problem, as it is salty and brackish, so avoid it altogether and buy the aerated distilled bottled water that is available at the pharmacies and chemist shops.

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