Avoid These Fatal Web Site Design Flaws (If You Want A Profitable Site)

Web site design is not rocket science but you have to avoid certain fatal flaws or your site will never get off the ground. You must also sidestep these common design mistakes if you want your web site to reach its fullest 토토먹튀.

In other words, there are certain vital elements of web site design you must get right or it’s game over before you even get started. These are the design elements which every successful site possesses, essential components every webmaster must consider when designing a profitable site.

* The Right Keywords

Perhaps one of the most deadly design flaws has to do with keywords. Many novice webmasters fail to target the right keywords when designing their sites.

Keywords are the vital lifelines of any well designed web site. Basically, keywords are the exact words or phrases web users type into search engines to find what they’re looking for on the Internet.

You must get this right or it may spell disaster for your site. You must target the right keywords and optimize your site for them in all the search engines.

Most SEO experts suggest you have your main keyword phrase in the domain name of your site. This domain name should be directly related to the topic of your site. If you design a site on gaming laptops, then these keywords should be in your domain. All pages on your site should be related to these main keywords.

But first you must make sure your keywords are good searchable keywords, i.e. a large number of people must be searching for these keywords each day in the search engines in order to supply a steady stream of interested visitors or potential customers to your site.

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